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Ciudad de Panamá, República de Panamá
Advantages of Panama
General interest data
Surface: 78.200 Km2
Population: 3.283.959 (estimada a 2006)
GDP: USD 19.280 million (2007)
Human Development Index (UN): 0.812 (high)
Currency: Dollar of the United States of America
International telephone access code: 507
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Panama has become one of the preferred investment destinations in Latin America. Its political stability, the juridical security it provides, and its investment climate are sufficiently attractive such that large companies and small investors are betting on the country (1,825 millions of foreign investment in 2007), which has made it possible to maintain economic growth rates above the regional average during the last few years. In fact, for 2008, the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (CEPAL) places Panama as the country with the best perspectives.

Its size notwithstanding, the Heritage Foundation index considers Panama as the fourth country in Latin America in terms of economic freedom; the World Bank also considers it the fourth in terms of its environment to do business, and Eseade has ranked it as fifth in terms of institutional quality.

If to the aforementioned we add the country's natural and cultural attractions, the country's consolidation as one of the preferred destinations for Americans and Canadians searching for residential tourism options and Panama's permanent institutional modernization, the table is set.

The country has a solid services tradition, marked by the presence of the Panama Canal and the logistics hub surrounding the latter; the presence of the Colon Free Zone - an important re exportation hub - and its financial center which, since the 70's has turned it into an important enabler of businesses. On account of all of this, the experience in legal services is broad and recognized the world over.